Sportsbet live streaming: Watch live racing and NBA

Sportsbet live streaming infographic that explains how members can watch live vision for free

You can watch live racing vision and NBA matches with Sportsbet’s live streaming service. The best part is, you can do this for free. So long as you have funds in your account, or have placed a bet in the past 24 hours, you can enjoy Sportsbet live streaming free of charge.

Sports you can watch live with Sportsbet

Sportsbet has a growing number of sports and horse races that you can now watch live via their streaming service. Sports and racing streams include:

  • NBA basketball
  • Tennis
  • Ice hockey (NHL)
  • Victorian horseracing
  • South Australia horseracing

How to live stream with Sportsbet

You need to register an account with Sportsbet to access their live streaming. Once you have an account, the qualifying conditions are similar to Bet365’s live streaming, you only need to satisfy one of the below conditions:

  • Have funds in your account
  • Or:Have placed a bet within the previous 24 hours

Whereas Sportsbet betting products are sometimes restricted to members from eligible states, the live streaming service is available to all member provided they meet the qualifying criteria.

How to watch live racing with Sportsbet

As a Sportsbet member, you can watch live vision of every Victorian and South Australian horse race. We outline the process below:

  • Login to your Sportsbet account or register a new one here
  • Navigate to the racing event page
  • Click on the watch icon above the race field
  • The live racing stream will automatically start
infographic to explain how to watch racing live with Sportsbet

How to live stream sports with Sportsbet

Live streaming sports with Sportsbet is just as easy as accessing the racing vision. We outline the steps to watch sports action with Sportsbet live:

  • Login to your Sportsbet account
  • Click on the ‘Bet live’ button from the left navigation or menu icon
  • Select the game you want to watch then click the ‘Play’ icon

Why is Sportsbet live streaming not working?

There are a number of reasons why you’re live stream with Sportsbet is not working, the top three common reasons are:

  • 1. You are not eligible: You need to deposit funds
  • 2. Your Wi-Fi connection is weak: Ensure you are using Wi-Fi with decent connection
  • 3. You are geo-blocked: You are trying to watch live vision from outside Australia where it is restricted

Sportsbet live streaming FAQs

Can I watch live on Sportsbet?

Yes, you can access live streaming if you are logged in and have funds in your account.

Can I bet during a game?

Yes, you can bet during a game, however, you must phone through your bets. Sportsbet is unable to accept live bets during games online.

How do I place a live bet?

  • 1. Log into your account
  • 2. Click on ‘Bet live’
  • 3. Select your betting market
  • 4. A phone number will appear 1800 138 238
  • 5. Quote your full name and the Fast Code that appears below the 1800 number

Is international racing vision available with Sportsbet?

Yes, live streaming of Irish and UK racing is available if it is broadcasts on the Sky channels.

Why is the Sportsbet NBA stream not working?

It could be one of three things:

  • 1. Check that you are logged in and have funds in your account
  • 2. Ensure there are live NBA matches on
  • 3. Your Wi-Fi connection may be too weak