Learn how to place a bet

Having successfully followed our step by step guide to betting on horses, you are now ready to actually place your bet. The Internet has revolutionised the betting industry and the process of placing a bet. It used to be that you had to be present at the track or have a phone account with your bookmaker to place a bet. Now there are more ways to place a bet and the list is growing.

How to place a bet online

If you have signed up with a bookmaker, you will have received online account details. Depending on your bookmaker you may even be able to place your bet in person.

Placing a bet online is simple and can be done from the comfort of your home whilst watching the racing or sport event on TV. Login in to your betting account, deposit some money into your account if you haven’t already done so, then select the event that you want to bet on. Let’s assume after reading a horse racing form guide you want to back Winx in the Melbourne Cup, you would:

  • Select the racing menu
  • Select the race track where you want to place your bet (Flemington)
  • Select the race number of the race you want to bet on (Race 8)
  • Select the number of the horse that you want to bet on (Winx = no. 3)

Once you select and click on Winx, a small box will appear where you can decide what type of bet you want to use and how much you want to place on your bet. The small box should show you a number of betting options representing the various bet types available. For this example let’s assume that you want to place a win bet. You want the bet return possible so you select Top Fluctation (in the absence of ‘best of the best’ which is only offered by Luxbet and Centrebet).

  • Select TF (Top Fluctuation) as the type of bet you want to place
  • Type in the amount you want to place on Winx eg. $10
  • Then hit ‘Confirm Bet’ and you have placed you bet!

If Winx wins, your bet is successful and you will be returned the winning dividend for the Top Fluc bet type of $9.00 ($10 bet x $9 = $90 return).

Placing a bet via telephone

Placing a bet via telephone is arguably even easier than betting online. Once you have signed up with a bookmaker you will receive an account ID and be given a telephone password. Even without the password you can place your bet, you will just be asked some security questions.

Once you have identified yourself and your account, simply follow the same process, tell the operator:

  • Where you want to bet
  • Which race you want to bet on
  • Which horse or horses you want to bet on
  • Which bet type you wish to use
  • And finally how much you wish to bet

Betting at the race track

There’s nothing like actually placing a bet at the track and holding a tangible ticket in your hand. Just approach either a bookmaker or a licensed operator (eg. tote) and go through the same process. You can verbally tell the bookmaker the details of your bet and how much you want to put down and they will write you a ticket for your bet, which you must keep.

How to place a tote bet

You can either verbally tell an operator the details of your bet as you would a bookmaker at the race track, or you can choose to fill out a betting slip with your bet details. To fill out the slip:

  • Select the day
  • Select the name of the track or where the race meet is being held
  • Select the race number
  • Select the horse you want to bet on
  • Select the bet type (win, place or each way)
  • Decide how much you want to bet (tick the box with the write amount)
  • Insert your card into the machine in front of the operator
  • Pay the operator and they will provide you with your bet slip

Mobile betting

Mobile technology has made the process of placing a bet a lot more convenient. If you are away from your computer or tablet and wish to place a bet, it isn’t always convenient to ring through your desired bet. Most bookmakers now offer mobile betting via a mobile site or by using a specially designed mobile betting app. Once you are logged in, the process is exactly the same as placing a bet online.


Our step by step process shows you how easy it is to place a bet. The form guide is optional, especially when having a social bet for the fun of it. However, we recommend that you follow the other steps and think carefully before placing each bet. For more information on horse racing and betting, it may be useful to visit an international site like racingbetter.co.uk. Good luck and happy punting from the team at How to Bet on Horses!