The best Australian betting sites in 2021

Selecting an online bookmaker is essential to betting successfully on the horses. You can get valuable online betting information by browsing through our website. We profile the best Australian betting sites that are licensed to operate in Australia. Our reviews and ratings will help you select the most suitable betting site for your wagering needs.

Providing our customers with useful and relevant information is our primary goal. We make sure the details included on this site are correct and updated at all times. View our review rating and click on the relevant links for a detailed bookmaker review of each bookie.



PlayUp is Australia’s newest, reputable, online bookmaker. PlayUp was formed after the merger of the ClassicBet, TopBetta and Mad Bookie brands. Punters can enjoy a fine betting experience complete with some of the best products available in the country. Find out more about Australia’s newest betting site by reading our PlayUp review page.

Australian Bookmaker PlayUp Details

Rating: 5.0
Ownership: 100% Australian owned
Promotions: Eligible residents only
Best Racing Product: Best of the Best

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Unibet is now operating out of Sydney, Australia after receiving a license to become an official Australian bookmaker. This is good news for punters. They offer some terrific products on all sports and you can access Unibet TV. For more information, read our Unibet review.

Unibet Information

Bookie Rating: 4.5
Interface: Award-winning
Regular promotions: For eligible residents only
Best bet type Top Fluctuation

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Sportsbet is one of the biggest bookmakers in Australia. Their size and brand power allows them to provide punters with betting options on the widest range of sports and racing events. Find out more about Australia’s most popular bookie by reading our the Sportsbet review.

Sportsbet Bookmaker Details

Bookie Rating: 5.0
Best feature: Same Game Multis
Owned by: Flutter Entertainment
Best Racing Product Top Fluctuation

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Betfair is the only licensed betting exchange provider in Australia. The advantages of betting on an exchange are many; generally though, punters receive better odds as well as having the ability to bet that an outcome will lose. Find out why we believe having an account with is a must by reading our Betfair review.

Betfair Australia Information

Bookie Rating: 4.5
Informative The Betfair Hub
Good odds? Yes, the highest odds
Best Feature Lay Betting

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PointsBet provides spread betting and regular online betting. They are the foremost spread betting agency in Australia. Find out how it all works by reading our PointsBet review.

PointsBet information

Bookie Rating: 4.5
What’s different?: Spread betting
Regular Promotions Yes, for eligible residents only
Best product AFL spread betting

More on PointsBet



BlueBet is run by former Sportingbet boss Michael Sullivan. They are a wholly-owned Australian betting site. Find out all they have to offer by reading our review of BlueBet.

BlueBet information

Bookie Rating: 4.5
Run by: Michael Sullivan
Promotions For eligible customers only
Best Feature Takes on punters

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SportChamps provides tournament betting on fantasy sports markets. Enter a competition and receive virtual cash to bet with. We tell you how it all works in our SportChamps review.

SportChamps information

Bookie Rating: 4.0
Run by: Alan Eskander
Tournament betting: Yes, lots of it
Best Feature Very small outlays

More on SportChamps

Ladbrokes Australia is the Australian arm of the worldwide Ladbrokes brand. Ladbrokes offer some great value racing bet types including Best of the Best. Read our review.

Australian Operated Bookmaker Summary

Bookie Rating: 4.0
Protest Payout: Every race
Promotions For eligible residents only
Best Racing Product Best of the Best


Neds have raised awareness with some aggressive TV promotion; to back it up, they offer some generous weekly sports betting products to eligible residents. Read our Neds review for all there is to know about one of Australia’s newest betting sites.

Neds Summary

Bookie Rating: 4.0
Best feature Slick interface
Regular Promotions Eligible residents only
Best Racing Product Best of the Best


With the backing of gaming giant Ladbrokes, Betstar now offers new customers great value betting products. Betstar places a particular emphasis on Australian horse racing and provides great value betting bet types like Best of the Best and ‘Pick Your Own Odds’. For a detailed review of their service you can read our Betstar review.

Australian Bookmaker Betstar Information

Bookie Rating: 3.5
Formerly: Eskander Racing
Regular Promotions Eligible residents only
Best Racing Product Best of the Best

Australian betting company are the equal of any bookmaker when it comes to delivering value on horse racing betting. Read our review to find our more about them. Quick Review

Bookie Rating: 3.5
Ownership: Owned by Ladbrokes
Regular Promotions: Eligible residents only
Best Racing Product Best of the Best


Draftstars provides tournament betting on a range of horse racing and sports events. We explain how the process works in our review of Draftstars.

Draftstars highlights

Bookie Rating: 4.0
What’s different?: Tournament betting only
Competition coverage All current sports
Best feature Small tournaments

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Former Australian Betting Agencies



BetEasy launched in August 2018 following the merger and discontinuation of the CrownBet and William Hill brands. BetEasy was exactly the same operation as CrownBet and was 100% Australian owned. In September 2020, BetEasy was taken over by Sportsbet. All BetEasy customers are now customers of Sportsbet. Read more about the new BetEasy brand on our BetEasy review page.

Australian Bookmaker BetEasy Details

Rating: 4.5
Best feature Live streaming
Promotions No longer available
Best Racing Product Best Tote Plus

Visit Sportsbet



Australian licensed bookmaker Centrebet delivered innovative and great value sports and racing products to its clients. The Centrebest racing bet type and the pick your own line and match bets were unique to the Australian market. Find out what happened to them by reading our Centrebet review.

Australian Operated Centrebet Summary

Bookie Rating: 4.5
Now owned by: Sportsbet
Regular Promotions Yes
Best Racing Bet Type Centrebest


ClassicBet provided a personalised bookmaking service along with a suite of great horse racing betting products. Find out what it was like to bet with ClassicBet.

ClassicBet highlights

Bookie Rating: 4.5
What’s different?: Personalised service
Regular Promotions No longer available
Best product Best of the Best

Sportingbet Australia was Australia’s largest online bookmaker. In February of 2014, William Hill took over the Sportingbet bookmaking operation and rebranded the business. The change was significant as the Sportingbet brand was very strong, obviously William Hill didn’t believe it to be strong enough; the move lead to increased competition within the Australian industry among the major competitors.

Bookmaker Highlights

Former Rating: 4.5
Now owned by Sportsbet
Regular Promotions N/A
Known for free competitions


The Betezy brand is no longer in operation. The Betezy business morphed into Beteasy, which has subsequently changed to CrownBet, then BetEasy and now Sportsbet. For more information on the former Betezy, read our Betezy review.

Refer to Australian Bookmaker Sportsbet Summary

Former Rating: 4.5
Now owned by: Sportsbet
Regular Promotions N/A
Old Racing Product Top Fluc


TopBetta was only operating as an Australian betting site for a short period of time. They are now PlayUp. Our TopBetta review has more information on their former business.

TopBetta information

Bookie Rating: 4.5
What’s different?: Tournament betting
Regular Promotions No longer available
Best Racing Product Best of the Best

Mad Bookie

Mad Bookie was another of the betting sits owned by PlayUp Interactive that is now represented by the PlayUp brand. Our review of Mad Bookie explains more about the old business.

Mad Bookie information

Bookie Rating: 4.5
Owned by: PlayUp Interactive
Promotions No longer available
Best Feature Mad Lays


In 2014, the decision was made by the Paddy Power Group to merge the Iasbet brand and business into the Sportsbet business. The Iasbet brand no longer trades and all former Iasbet customers have had their accounts transferred to Sportsbet. The good news is that all of the features that made Iasbet a good reliable bookmaker are now in place at Sportsbet. Read more about the former Iasbet by reading our Iasbet review.

Refer to Sportsbet Bookmaker Summary

Former Rating: 4.5
Now owned by: Sportsbet
Known for: Mark Read
Former Feature Premier Ratings


Luxbet, the online bookmaker backed by Tabcorp, formally closed its doors in December 2017. After years of providing a great service to Australian punters, Tabcorp decided to pull the pin on the brand. For more information, read our Luxbet review.

Australian Bookmaker Luxbet Summary

Ceased operating: Dec 2017
Ownership: Tabcorp Holdings

Detailed Australian Bookmaker Reviews

The information contained in each of our bookmaker review pages, focus on providing you with the information that really matters. Rather than give you a blurb about the history and when the bookmaker started operations, we tell you about their betting products and value added services. The reason why we do this is because this is the information that directly affects your bottom line.

Whilst it is great to provide details of the look and operation of the website, the fact is that most bookmakers now run very efficient mobile device friendly online services. If there is an issue with the ease of use of a site, of course we will let you know, but otherwise we will continue to bring you the information from Australian bookmakers that really matters.

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