Sportbet App Review 2021

Sportsbet is undeniably one of the most popular betting sites in Australia. This bookmaker has all you need. There are many reasons as to why this is one of the best in Australia and the chances are you will realise this if you register yourself. This bookmaker is in fact owned by Paddy Power Betfair, which already proves the credentials of this platform. It is owned by two of the most famous betting sites across the globe. These sites are in partnership, hence the creation of Flutter Entertainment.

The Sportsbet app as it appears on the iphone device with four screenshots

Sportsbet was founded in 1993, which means that it already has a number of years under its belt and has had a lot of time to make a name for itself. However, at that point, there was no betting app that you could download, but you can now. In this review we are going to take a look at just how convenient this betting app is for players and whether or not it is one that we would recommend. We will take a look at the features on display, as well as how to download and the pros and cons of the Sportsbet betting app to summarise.

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Download app

Sportsbet App Download

Downloading the Sportsbet betting app is extremely easy to do. All you need to do is have a smartphone or tablet device. Of course, if you do not want to, you don’t have to download the app. The website has been mobile optimised so that you can access it through a mobile browser. However, there really isn’t a reason as to why you shouldn’t download it. Below, you can find out how to download on Android and iOS.

How to download the Sportsbet App for Android

The Sportsbet App is available to download free on Android devices, follow our instructions below.

  • Navigate over to the Google Play Store
  • Search for the ‘Sportsbet online betting app’
  • Download the app for free
  • Once it is on your home screen, open the app up and log in or register
Screnshots of the Sportsbet app as it appears on an android device

How to download the Sportsbet iPhone App

You can also download the Sportsbet app on any Apple device. Please see our guide to download below.

  • Visit the iOS App Store
  • Search for Sportsbet betting app
  • Click ‘download’ to install the app
  • Open the app and either log in or register an account
Three screnshots of the Sportsbet app as it appears on an iPad device

Sportsbet App Pros & Cons

Here are the pros and cons of this sporting app that you might want to consider if finding a new betting app to use.


  • User-friendly interface
  • Touch ID features available
  • Wide range of betting markets


  • Live betting not available in Australia

Betting App Features

There are a lot of different features that are contained within the betting app for you to enjoy. These features are going to help you have the ultimate betting experience, one that you are going to struggle to get anywhere else, even with other top betting applications like the PlayUp app.

The Sportsbet app gives you a more convenient way of betting. Say goodbye to the times where you have to travel to a betting shop or be by a computer in order to place your bets. Nowadays, you can use betting apps just like Sportsbet, which will allow you to place a bet anywhere at any time. This way you will never miss out on the action, especially when odds are updated all the time and new selections are available to bet on throughout the day, so you want to be able to be there when this happens and get involved. It is a more immediate way of betting. Who wants to have to travel to a betting shop when you can use your mobile device which a lot of people carry with them all the time?

There are a lot of betting markets to take advantage of as well. In fact, there are over a thousand different sports betting markets. This way you should be entertained and be able to find new entertaining betting markets that you will enjoy. The AFL and NRL are massively popular amongst punters and these are 2 examples of markets that have been made uniquely to improve the experience of the punters.

Sportsbet have allowed the use of mobile technology to be integrated into the app. For example, you can use Touch ID in order to log into your account. As long as you have this set up on your smartphone, you can simply log in with the touch of a finger, or thumb. This is a much easier way of accessing your account as opposed to have to enter in your details every time.

The app is so easy to navigate, you really shouldn’t have any issues with this. There is a menu section that will allow you to access any market you please, as well as other features on the app. Like customer support for example or making deposits and withdrawals which you can do instantly. There is even a black book which will allow you to keep track of the picks that you like the look of.

Overall verdict

We think that this is one of the best betting apps that we have come across and we would certainly recommend this to customers. Even if you are registered with another betting site or have another betting app, you can still enjoy this one. It was clear to see that this was going to be a very competitive and enjoyable app considering who the owners of this bookmaker are. There are lots of features that make it not only an enjoyable app in Australia, but around the world. If you have liked what you have read in this review then why not try it out for yourself?