The best Australian betting apps in 2021

With so many betting apps available, it is difficult to know which are in fact the best. Our betting apps guide sorts the wheat from the chaff. We start by filtering the licensed, betting sites, then by reviewing their apps. Below is our list of the top 5 betting apps in Australia.

List of the best betting apps


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PlayUp is Australia’s newest betting site and they also deliver the best app in the business. Despite, the not having the extras like live streaming, the app is easy to use, fast and reliable. Read our PlayUp app review page for more details.

PlayUp betting app

App rating: 5.0
Best Racing Product: Best of the Best

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Sportsbet, Australia’s most popular bookmaker, provides a fine app that is available free for download for all members. Our favourite feature is the live streaming. Find out more by reading our the Sportsbet app review.

Sportsbet App details

App rating: 5.0
Best Racing Product Top Fluctuation

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The BlueBet contains all of the features available on the bookmakers’ website. Expect, a good reliable, secure application without the bells and whistles of some other betting apps. Find out more by reading our the BlueBet app review.

BlueBet App details

App rating: 5.0
Full features? Yes

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Unibet, winner of several design and programming awards, has delivered again with their betting app for iOS and Android. Find out more about their fully featured app by reading our Unibet app review page.

Unibet betting app

App rating: 5.0
Best featuret: Live streaming

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How to Choose Online Betting Apps

We have mentioned before that choosing an online betting app can be difficult, with the amount of options and different apps out there, it calls for serious reviewing and in-depth analysis. This is exactly what our team have done for you. There are certain factors that you should take into consideration when it comes to choosing a betting app. Here are the factors that we analyse:

  • Betting App Features (Live Streaming, Betting Markets, Betting Odds, Live Odds)
  • User Interface
  • Ease of Download
  • Compatibility with Devices
  • User Experience
  • Payment Methods
  • Customer Support

Online betting apps Pros and Cons

To summarise the above, we at Racing Files have created a quick and easy to read pros and cons list for Australian betting apps:


  • Place bets anywhere at any time.
  • Supported on a wide range of mobile devices.
  • Same layout and features as their betting websites.
  • Extremely convenient.


  • Potential navigation difficulty.
  • Potential difficulty downloading app.

Top betting app features

The best betting apps in Australia offer something that other apps don’t. Typically, there will be some features within the apps that are unique to that particular bookmaker.

Live Streaming is one special feature that a betting app may offer. This is not something that many bookies offer and that’s what can add value to a betting site or app. This feature can massively improve your betting experience, the reason for this is because not all events are broadcast on TV or you might not be in a place where you are able to watch them, so by simply placing a bet on an event, you will then be able to stream the event live, this is the case with Sportsbet’s live streaming service. You do not even need to place a high betting stake either, a lot of sites allow you to place a stake of $1 minimum to have access to the stream.

There are other features to be on the look out for as well, some sites even allow bet trackers on their app, which can certainly come in handy.

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