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Racing Files strives to publish accurate and informative horse racing information to assist you to make sound betting choices. Our site is specially designed for mobile, tablet and desktop users and we focus on bringing you the information you need reliably and quickly.

At Racing Files, we publish information on how to bet strategically and responsibly, publish horse racing statistics, and; allow you to compare and analyse Australian betting sites before connecting you with them.

Our goal

Our goal is to empower you to bet better by arming you with horse racing betting knowledge and strategies.

What we publish

We publish detailed information on many aspects of the horse racing industry, including:

  • Racing Files Academy – how to bet well
  • Horse racing news
  • Choosing a betting site
  • The best apps

We publish articles to further your understanding of the horse racing industry over in the Racing Files academy. We also publish industry news that will help you stay abreast of ownership changes and legislative changes that may impact you as a bettor.

Our Australian bookmakers page provides a comparison of the various Australian betting sites. The bookmaker pages provide detailed reviews of each bookmaker; the bet types they provide and also any value-add services that they offer to their existing customers. A review of each betting company eg. PlayUp review, which will tell you the pros and cons of betting with that particular agency We publish reviews of the various betting apps too.

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